Netflix’s Iron Fist: Is It As Bad As The Critcs Say?

There have been many negative stories and reviews on the internet regarding Marvel and Netflix’s recently released show “Iron Fist”. I decided to give my two cents on the show. Iron Fist is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The show follows Danny Rand as he tries to balance the duty of the iron fist and a return to the life he lost. Danny, an extremely rich kid from New York, loses his family and is raised by monks to become the Iron Fist: the protector of K’un-Lun.

Before the show even started production, it received negative backlash by some because Netflix cast a Caucasian actor (Finn Jones, Game of Thrones’ Loras Tyrell) instead of an Asian actor even though the character has always been white. Fast forward to the week before the release, the negative reviews began to pour in. Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair called the show “Aimless and dull”. Currently, the ‘critic’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes is at a 17% freshness. So, I decided to see just how bad this show could possibly be.

I sat down on Friday morning thinking I was about to sit through a 13-hour train wreck. I was wrong. No, I am not saying that the show was perfect. It has a few places it can improve upon.
The show has a pacing problem but so did Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. One way they could have fixed this is not focus on the “Meachums” so much. At times, it seemed like the Meachum show, not Iron Fist. I like Tom Pelphrey (Kurt Bunker on Banshee) as Ward Meachum and Jessica Stroup (Max Hardy on the Following) as Joy Meachum but their characters took up too much screen time.

Other things that could have been done to improve the show are:

• Put Danny in the costume.
• Have a run-in with Jessica Jones or Matt Murdock.
• Have Danny use both fists (which doesn’t sound right).
• Bring in Bakuto and Davos earlier in the season.

I enjoyed the fight scenes. The special effects, when his came to his fist, was done well. It was good to see more of Madame Gao. I went into the show thinking I’m about to sit through a Uwe Boll style marathon of horror (a.k.a. a $#!% show). It wasn’t as bad the paid critics made it out to be. Hell, the Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is an 88%.

Overall I give the show a –B