Resistance is Good

Life wants to make you the best version of yourself.

Have you ever had a day , a week , or a year that seems to weigh you down. Days that make you feel like you suck at everything you do. No matter what you do there is someone or something standing in between you and what you want to accomplish. Then good!!! You are on the right track.

A universe like water

A few years ago when I was experimenting with becoming an amateur bodybuilder I would ingest dozens of motivation videos and quotes. There was one of these quotes by famed actor/rapper Will Smith. you probably heard the quote I am talking about its the one where he says: “… Just decide what you want and the universe will get out of your way. the universe is like water it wants to go around stuff”. For a while, this was true, but then I realized that that quote was not accurate at all. When I would put my mind to achieving a goal there was always a new fire for me to put out.

Learning to see the problem as a strength

As I get older and my ambitions grow I find that I am met with more and more resistance. As someone who is employed full time, also a full-time student, father, husband and content creator, I always feel this pressure. It is at these breaking points that I, in my mind, remember my bodybuilding days. A time when resistance is seen as a good thing. When you lift you learn that it is the time under tension that makes your muscles grow. Your biceps will not just grow because you decided they should be bigger. You have to constantly apply more and more stress to the muscle(with a few rest days) in order to have arms like Phil Heath. The same is true in life.

Decide what you want and then get ready for the struggle.

So now I see the universe for what it truly is, an Olympic class coach. A coach trying to make sure that the best version of yourself makes it to the finish line of your goals. The resistance is what makes us stronger. so decide what you want abd brace yourself for the struggle. you will be better for it in the end.